Tuesday, February 9, 2016


     Dear mom and Prim,
              The train ride was weird because Haymitch was really drunk and punched Peeta in the throat, I really don't feel great right now considering there is a drunk person on the train, I really hope I win this years Hunger Games because if I don't, who will hunt for you and take care of you and Prim? I want you to really take care of Prim, i'm really counting on you to take care of Prim. I don't know what will happen in the time I will be gone but make sure that she is safe.

               Make sure you eat well so you don't starve, maybe ask Gale to go hunting or trade for food. I'm really nervous for you, Prim, and me. Tell Prim and Gale that I promise to win, and to wish me the best of luck. Effie Trinket on the other hand was really nice, but Haymitch is the opposite of that, and please don't leave again, you're the only one Prim needs now.

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